A blue carpet for heroes in blue

The Oscar and the Grammy nights
are missing the idols with their triumphant smiles.
There is no line of fans nor protective bars
nor stressed reporters begging for interviews.
Camera crews ―in shock, double check their lenses,
they can’t find anyone to shoot. There are no flashes
nor shining stars posing in their luxurious dresses
from big fashion houses and unique designs.
Today, there are no designers, nor divas, nor models.

Absent silhouettes walk with hasty steps
with hurried blue blurs on blue carpets
with their white masks or sweaty blue ones
fighting for lives that are lost in the shadows.

Unnamed heroes, without make up or jewels
with will alone and with unyielding love,
serving countless hours ―without looking back
in emergency rooms that are dressed in glory. 

They are brave nurses who never go back home.
They are heroes who will never go back home.
Courageous, tireless doctors…
They are simple staff members with no time for a hug.

It is they whoserver counties and cities
who deserve the music of palms, the rains of cheers
thousands of blue carpets full of goodness,
the blue sky inhabited by our eternal gratitude.


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